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Shutong Hill

shutong-hill Shutong Hill is located southeast of the joining of Tianjia River and Li River, It is the smallest peak along the bank of the Li River.

shutong-hill01Shutong Hill is nearly 2 kilometers (about 1.24 miles) away from Yangshuo County. A rock of 10 meters (about 32.8 feet) high stretches out in a slot on the north hillside. The hill takes the shape of a column and looks like an elegant girl when viewed from afar. Looking more closely, it resembles a schoolboy absorbed in reading, hence the name Shutong Hill (Schoolboy Hill).

There is a legend about the hill. It is said that long ago, there was an evil dragon in the Li River. It often hovered on the Li River and endangered the local people. One day, a schoolboy received a sealed book from his teacher. The book taught him how to conquer this vicious creature. When the dragon saw this book, it fell down to the river. For fear that the dragon might play a trick of opossum, the schoolboy, holding the book, stood by the riverside and changed into a hill (Shutong Hill) to protect the local people.

To the south of this hill lies majestic Chanticleer Hill, which looks like a rooster heralding the break of day. This hill and Shutong Hill compose a picture meaning "study in the dawn". Tianjia Bay, studded with hamlets and bamboo, lies to the west of Shutong Hill. Zhuobi Peak, like an upside-down brush sits on the eastside of Shutong Hill. These peaks are mirrored in the still water of the Li River, like a colorful landscape painting. Along these mountains and Li River are old buildings and bridges.