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Xian Sightseeing Tours

terra-cotta-warriors-53Xian is home to the colorful culture, distinctive custom, palatable dishes that passed down since ancient times. As capitals of 13 dynasties, Xian hosts numerous historical sites, from the impressive Terracotta Warriors, ancient City Wall, to magnificent Big Wild Goose Pagoda and world-renowned Huaqing Hot Spring. Xian is also the eastern start of glorious Silk Road, which makes this ancient city world-renowned. Walk along the peaceful street and stroll on the foot of city wall to get close to time-weathered history of this ancient city. Xian is also a culinary capital and has much to offer for gourmets, from the Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, Sheep Blood Soaked in Vermicelli Soup, Pork Sanwiched Between Pita Bread, to Cold Noodles and Qishan Noodles. These diversified dishes would be a great feast to your taste bud.

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