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Terra-Cotta Warriors

terra-cotta-warriors The Terra-Cotta Warriors, located in Lintong County, 35 kilometers east of Xian, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, is regarded as "the eighth wonder of the world" and has been listed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO since December 1987.

terra-cotta-warriors01This is believed to be the first imperial mausoleum in China. According to historical records, Qinshihuang mobilized 700,000 workers to build the mausoleum in 38 years.

In ancient China, climbing on top of the mausoleum was regarded as a kind of discourtesy because the ancestor was buried underground. Today, a platform has been built on the mausoleum to provide a place for visitors.

When a visitor stands on the roof of the 70-meter-high mausoleum and looks down on the panorama of the mausoleum, which covers an area of 50 square kilometers, he or she may have a feeling of fear.

Nearly 8,000 life-sized terracotta warriors and horses, along with tens of thousands of pieces of weaponry, have been uncovered from three pits, where the Army of Terracotta Warriors have slept for almost 2,200 years.

terra-cotta-warriors03The purpose of the warriors and horses, located less than a mile from the emperor's tomb, was to maintain and protect, throughout eternity, the spirit of Qin Shihuang, the first man to unite China.

The mausoleum was accidentally discovered by a group of farmers in March 1974 when they were digging a well in the region. The Museum of Terracotta Warriors at Qinshihuang Mausoleum has received 50 million Chinese and overseas visitors since the first three pits containing 8,000 terracotta warriors were opened to visitors in 1979.

The life-sized terracotta warriors that were buried along with Chinese emperor, Qinshihuang, nearly 2,000 years ago look like a revived corps that guards the emperor day and night.

The Terra-Cotta Warriors mausoleum draws millions of visitors from home and abroad every year.