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Huaqing Hot Spring

huaqing-hot-spring The Huaqing Hot Spring, situated at the foothill of Lishan ("Mt. Li"), is about 35 kilometers east of the city Xian.

The Nine-Dragon Pool, the Lotus Flower Pool, and the Frost Drifting Hall are the famous structures of the Huaqing Hot spring. The Tang Ming Emperor of the Tang Dynasty (618 ~ 907A.D.) and his lover Lady Yang made their home in the Frost Drifting Hall.

huaqing-hot-spring01Close by the Frost Drifting Hall lies the Nine-Dragon Pool. The Nine-Bend Corridor, which lies to the west of the pool leads directly on to a dragon boat made out of marble. This dragon boat leads to the Nine-Dragon hot spring where the emperor used to take his baths.

At this spa, there are four hot springs. They have a flow of 112 tons an hour and a constant temperature of 43 Centigrade. The water comes up the ground from the geographic faults and cracks in the stratum about 1750-2500 meters deep.

The spring water contains limes, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, and other materials, which makes it suitable for bathing and the treatment of quite a few diseases such as dermatitis, rheumatism arthritis, and muscular pain.

Climb the steps east of the hot springs, and you will gradually see the Five-Room Hall where Chiang Kaishek stayed temporarily during the Xi'an Incident. Up the winding path, east of the Five-Room Hall, you will see a bridge-like structure. On summer and autumn evenings, the sun shines onto this bridge in a way that makes it look very much like a rainbow. Therefore, it gets the name the Hovering Rainbow Bridge.

Located on the Xixie Ridge ("the West Embroidery Ridge") of Lishan Mountain, the remains of the beacon tower of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1134 ~ 771B.C.) is easily identified.

Close to the Huaqing Pool on the Lishan Mountain, there are many scenic spots, such as: East Garden, Peripateticism Pavilion, The Remonstration Pavilion, Sanyuan Cave, Palace of Laozi, Peony Ditch, Evening Glow Over the Lishan Mountain, Palace of the Grand Mother, Beacon Tower, and many others.