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Ancient City Wall

city-wall The Xian City Wall is the best-preserved, oldest and largest ancient city defense system in China. It is also one of the most important landmarks of Xian city.

The original foundation of the Xian City Wall was based on the ruins of the Imperial City Wall of Changan City--the capital of the Tang Dynasty. In 904 A.D. when the capital of the Tang Dynasty was moved eastward, the Governor-general Han Jian had the city renovated and turned it into an army garrison and named it "New City".


city-wall01Around the City Wall there are jutting ramparts, sentry towers, corner towers, gate towers, battlements and a series of city defensive fortifications that were scientifically and compactly laid out with very strong defense capability. The inner city was the residence of the King of Qin. It was built on the high terrain in the northeastern part of the city, from where the whole city could be kept under control by its advantage of geographical position. Two successive walls and a protective moat enclosed the residence. The principal part of the architectural complex was built according the traditional pattern of "Palace in the front and bedchamber at the back". The important palaces and temples were longitudinally arranged in a round pivot order. They looked magnificent and splendid.

During the 200 years reign of the Ming Dynasty, the inner city continuously served as the military and political center of Shaanxi, where the successive 14 Kings of Qing acted on the order of the Emperor to rule Shaanxi. The Xi'an City Wall has a history of over 600 years since it was built in the early Ming Dynasty. Nowadays, this old historical relic is not only an important material object for the study of ancient military science but also a sightseeing and entertainment resort for visitors.