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Hubei Provincial Museum

hubei-museum Hubei Provincial Museum, located in the East Lake, is the best Museum in the central part of China, displaying the relics unearthed in Hubei, mostly ancient Chu State, including some of the world's most exciting recent archaeological discoveries.

hubei-museum01Hubei Provincial Museum was established in 1953. More than 200,000 pieces of historic relics are well preserved here, including 645 first class cultural relics and 16 national treasures.

In 1978, a great tomb that can be dated back to the early Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.) was discovered in Sui County of Hubei Province. More than 15,000 relics were excavated from the tomb, including bronze ritual vessels, musical instruments, weapons, lacquer ware and so on. Among these relics, the 65 chime bells are the most famous. The biggest bell is 153.4 cm (60.4 inches) with a weight of 203.6 kg (448.9 pounds). Although the bells had been buried underground for more than 2,000 years, people can still use them to play music! The bronze Zun and Pan, which were also found in the tomb, are also incredible. The Zun was situated inside the Pan to receive wine; meanwhile, ice could be put into Pan to cool the wine. Then, people could enjoy a cold drink! A lacquer box found in the tomb is also marvelous. The twenty-eight constellations, into which the celestial sphere was divided in ancient Chinese astronomy, were painted on the box.