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Suzhou Attraction Guide

Known for its gardens which are looked upon as works of art-a blend of nature, architecture, poetry,and painting designed to ease in mind.

hanshan-temple01 Once the site of bustling local trade in silks, wood, and grain, this temple, repeatedly burned down and re-built, was named after the poet-monk, Hanshan, who lived in the 7th century.
lingering-garden The Lingering Garden (or "garden for lingering in") is one of the largest gardens in Suzhou, extending over an area of 3 hectares.
humble-administrator-garden01 Located in the northeastern part of Suzhou city, Humble Administrator's Garden, with a total area of 51,950 square miles, is the largest private garden in Suzhou, as well as one of the four most famous classic gardens in China (the others are: Summer Palace, Mountain Resort of Chengde and Garden for Lingering In in Suzhou).
lion-grove-garden01 Lion Grove Garden (Shizilin) is located on 23 Yuanlin Road, in the northeast of Suzhou-a city with profound cultural background and convenient developmental advantages.
tiger-hill Tiger Hill (Hu Qiu) is the most famous sight of Suzhou, with old trees and cultural relics everywhere-- the Sword Testing Stone, the Broken Beam Hall, the Thousand Men Rock, the Sword Pond, etc.
master-nets-garden01  The Garden of the Master of the Nets is divided into three sections: a residential section, the central main garden and an inner garden.
tongli-water-town01 The Tongli Water Town is a famous ancient site of rivers and lakes. 23 kilometres to the north is Suzhou City, and 6 kilometers west is the county town of Wujiang (Songling Town).