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Sanya Attraction Guide

Sanya is the island's most famous tropical resort, it is known for the beautiful, surrounding beaches... 

li-miao-village01 Hainan Island is home to the Li and Miao tribes. Each of these tribes live in their own separate communities and maintain their ancient traditions and practices, living the simple life of their forefathers.
shuinan-village Shui Nan Village is a cultural point of interest noted for the fact that Huang Daopo, a well-known innovator of weaving technology during the Yuan Dynasty, once lived and studied there.
sea-zoo The Sea Zoo is only tourist and cultural attractions in purpose of exploring marine resources in Sanya.
gan-shiling-tropical-forest Gan Shi Ling Tropical Forest is situated in a nature protection area. It was established in August 1983.
wuzhizhou-island  For a romantic holiday, you cannot miss Wuzhizhou Island's blue water, boundless sands, far hills and white beaches...
butterfly-valley  Butterfly Valley is located near Longtan Lakes, near stunning Yalong Bay.
luhuitou-park Luhuitou (Deer turns its head, or Deer looks back) Park is perched on the edge of the South China Sea and enjoys a romantic legend.
nanshan-tourism-zone Encompassing 50 square kilometers and a sea area of 10 square kilometers, the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is located in the western part of Sanya. Since 1998, the resort has received millions of tourists from home and abroad.
dadonghai-tourist-resort01 Dadonghai Beach is located is 3 kilometers from the urban district of Sanya City between the Rabbits Tails Mountain and the Deer Looking Backward Mountain.
end-of-earth01 The End of the Earth, also called Tianya Haijiao, literally means, "edge of the sky, rim of the sea.".  It is a romantic and beautiful scenic spot, to the west of Sanya City, Hainan Province.
yalong-bay01 25 kilometres from the city, Yalong Bay is a major tourism attraction. It is situated on the same latitude of the tropical monsoon area as Hawaii.