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Temple of the City God

city-god-temple Temple of the City God, situated on Nan Dajie, was first built in the Northern Song Dynasty. This temple is a fine example of the deeply rooted religious and cultural traditions this country. Buddhism, Taoism and local customs have been combined into one.

Covering an area of 7,302 square meters, Temple of the City God is made up of Liucaofu, Tuditang, Zaojunmiao and Caishenmiao. The Tuditang (Hall of the City God) is the principal building. Four courtyards set on a north-south axis, together with the buildings that compliment them, have been maintained in good condition and each serves a specific purpose. Altogether there are forty-eight figures in the temple, all with vivid and lifelike facial expressions.


The buildings of the Temple are exquisite. The architectural style is Taoist, involving the use of blue and green tiles. The walls are decorated with fine realistic paintings in a true Chinese style.