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Ancient Ming and Qing Streets

ming-qing-street Pingyao is famous for its lanes and streets, which date from antiquity. The city's main drag is Ming and Qing Street, also called Nan Dajie. It is one of the best places in which to explore ancient Chinese culture.

With a length of 440 meters, Ming and Qing Street was the commercial center of ancient Pingyao. Dotted with memorial archways and decorated gateways, stretching one after another, high and low, the old houses and courtyards flanking the streets and lanes remind visitors of a time long ago. It is also possible to travel through the streets in the appropriate style by taking a rickshaw ride.


In the middle of the Ming and Qing Street is the Market Tower. 18.5 meters in height, it is the highest building in the city. One can see over the tiled roofs of the entire city from the top.