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Pinyao Attraction Guide

Pingyao is surrounded by a completely intact 6 km Ming dynasty city wall. It is an exceptionally well-preserved, traditional Han Chinese city. 

cao-compound Businessmen have played a crucial role in Chinese commerce. They have both contributed greatly to its development and written extensively about their achievements.
city-god-temple Temple of the City God, situated on Nan Dajie, was first built in the Northern Song Dynasty. This temple is a fine example of the deeply rooted religious and cultural traditions this country. Buddhism, Taoism and local customs have been combined into one.
rishengchang-bank01 Located at No. 105 in Nan Dajie, it was established in 1823 in the reign of the sixth Qing Emperor and was the first draft bank in China. It was China's forerunner for an organized finance system, handling remittance, money exchange, deposit, loan and other business.
ming-qing-street Pingyao is famous for its lanes and streets, which date from antiquity. The city's main drag is Ming and Qing Street, also called Nan Dajie. It is one of the best places in which to explore ancient Chinese culture.