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Lijiang Attraction Guide

An ancient and mysterious town, known for its old town-a delightful maze of cobbel-stone streets, wooden buildings and busy market life.

spruce-plateau Spruce Plateau is a highland meadow situated on the mountainside of Shanzidou Peak (Fan Peak), the main peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
yufeng-temple At the southern foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 13 kilometers (nine miles) northwest of the Old Town is a small lamasery named Yufeng Temple - one of the Scarlet Sect lamaseries of Lijiang.
dry-sea01 Located on the east foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Dry Sea - with an elevation of 3,100m - is a highland meadow about 23km from the old town.
tiger-leaping-gorge Tiger Leaping Gorge extends for 10 miles from the Yulong Xueshan Mountain in Lijiang to the Haba Xueshan Mountain in Zhongdian. It is one the longest, deepest, and narrowest gorges in the world.
black-dragon-pool Walking north from the Old Town of Lijiang, exactly at the foot of Elephant Hill, is the Black Dragon Pool (Heilongtan), an influx of limpid spring.
white-water-river When the ancient ice at the top of Jade dragon Snow Mountain melts and flows down the slopes, it forms waterfalls at the cliffs and brooks at the fords, finally joining as the White Water River at the foot of the snow mountain.
baisha-mural02 Painted during a period of 350 years in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911) on the walls of a dozen Buddhist and Taoist temples, the Baisha murals were created by painters of various nationalities, such as Han, Tibetan, Naxi and Bai.
jade-dragon-snow-mountain01 The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is 5,600 meters (18,400 ft) in altitude and the best-known massif in the province. First climbed in the 1960s, its 13 peaks are mantled with permanent snow.
lijiang-town01 To add to its list of attractions, UNESCO recognized the Ancient Town of Lijiang as a World Heritage site in 1997.