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Stone Forest

stone-forest Located in Lu'nan Yi nationality autonomous country ( area 1,777 square kilometres, population 220,000), in southeast Yunan province, the Stone Forest is described by people as having " the most fantastic scenery in China."

stone-forest01Formed 270 to 300 million years ago, the Stone Forest consists of 352 square kilometres ( 352,000 hectares or 869,792 acres) of typical karst that has been developed) of which are the most frequently visited for their concentration of stone formations. It is 120 kilometres from Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province.

From a distance, it indeed resembles a dense forest, but as the tourist draws closer he will find the" tress" are all slender stone pinnacles. Geologists say that the Stone Forest is a special type of limestone formation know as karst ( a region made up of porous limestone containing deep fissures and sinkholes and characterized by underground caves and streams). Some 200 million years ago this area was submerged under a thick layer of limestone at the bottom of the sea. Latter, the movement of the earth's crust caused the sea bottom to thrust upward and became land. Owing to solvent action, long deep cracks developed in the limestone, and rainwater running through the cracks gradually eroded the stone into the present shapes.