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Pine Valley Scenic Area of Mt.Huangshan

pine-valley-huangshan01 Located on the north slope of Mt. Huangshan, the Pine Valley Scenic Area covers 12.5 km (7.77miles) with a fall in altitude of 1,100 meters (3,609 feet) made up of over 6,500 steps. Rocks and ponds are the highlights.

Among this refreshing world, the Emerald Pool, the Five-Dragon Pond, and the rock of Guan Gong Resists Cao Cao (both were famous generals during the Three Kingdoms Period) are the main scenic points.


The Emerald Pool is surrounded by rocks, with a crystal stream from the Pine Valley flowing into it. The reflections of the mountains and trees create another fairy world in the water. No matter how tempted you may feel, Do Not swim in this 10-meter (33-feet) deep pool for the water is far too cold even in summer.

In addition, the Pine Valley Scenic Area is located at the North Gate of Mt. Huangshan with Taiping Telpher starting here.