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Cloud Valley Scenic Area of Mt.Huangshan

cloud-valley-huangshan With an elevation of only 890 meters (2, 920 feet), Cloud Valley Scenic Area does not lose out to other scenic areas for beauty. The pride of this area is the Cloud Valley Villa, old trees, oddly shaped rocks, and the Nine-Dragon Waterfall and Baizhang Spring.

cloud-valley-huangshan01The Cloud Valley Villa is a modern hotel in the typical Hui-architectural style of grey tiles and horse-head walls.

There are three precious trees here. The Eastern China Douglas Fir that is 500 years old and the Southern Hemlock, which is 800 years old; both stand firm and stately through their long history. One common feature of these two trees is that they both have two kinds of branches and two kinds of leaves, conifer and broad-leaf. The third super star is a ginkgo tree calculated to be 1,000 years. It will certainly catch your eye owing to its height of 26 meters (85 feet) and huge girth measuring 3.1 meters (10.17 feet).

The Nine-Dragon Waterfall plunges all of 300 meters (984feet) from the cliff top between the Incense Burner Peak and the Arhat Peak. The waterfall has nine leaps, each leap forms a waterfall and each fall feeds a pool, hence the name.

This area is the so-called Rear Mountain and it is possible to climb all the way up.