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Yabuli International Ski Resort

yabuli-ski-resort Yabuli International Ski Resort, the site of the 1996 Asian Winter Games, is situated in the Yabuli Winding Village.

yabuli-ski-resort01Yabuli International Ski Resort covers a total area of 23 square kilometers. It is 194 km east of Harbin and 120 km from Mudanjiang. Yabuli International Ski Resort is the largest comprehensive training spot in China. It is also the main tourist attraction in Harbin. During the period of Manchurian Qing Dynasty, the Yabuli International Ski Resort area was a hunting spot for royal family. With the development of society, it has become a large ski area with full, modern facilities and top class service.

Yabuli International Ski Resort is a 4 A-class national tourist attraction. It is not only well known as a ski resort, but is also renowned for its scenic beauty. It is a major part of Yabuli National Park. The maximum altitude of Yabuli International Ski Resort is 1374.8 meters. It is covered by high quality snow. Yabuli International Ski Resort has wonderful scenery in all four seasons. Much wildlife also inhabits the area, such as deer, bears, and pheasants. It was granted National Park status in 1993. In 1996, the resort was chosen to host the 3rd Asian Winter Games. Because of the agreeable climate and favorable terrain and surroundings, Yabuli International Ski Resort has become a multifunction center for tourism, sports, leisure activities and scientific research.