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The Grand World of Ice and Snow

ice-snow-world Harbin Ice Festival is an annual event held in Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province. Usually falling on January 5 and lasting a month, the festival exerts a strong draw on both local residents and visitors.

ice-snow-world01The city of Harbin makes the most of its freezing winters by hosting an impressive ice festival. Blocks of snow are carved into the shapes of plants and animals and lit from within to provide glittering lights of ice. At the end of the festival, everyone takes a mallet to the lanterns and smashes them up in the street!

The city boasts its neat, impressive, and artistic ice and snow sculptures, carvings, and buildings in parks and on frozen rivers. World famous monuments like some grand cathedrals, pyramids, Potala Palace, and the Great Wall are all carved out of ice, in spectacularly giant sizes! Some of them, embedded with colored lights, are designed for nighttime observation. Ice skating and skiing are popular activities.

The famous Ice Lantern exhibitions take place in Zhaolin Park every winter. The Harbin people and ice-carving artists create all kinds of ice-carving works every year, such as the ice tower, ice bridge, ice long corridor and ice pavilion and building and even the 12-year cycles are made with large ice.