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Sun Island

sun-island The Sun Island Park, a mystical, lovely land, is a fascinating, and major, tourist attraction because of its magnificent landscape and mysterious beauty.

sun-island01Sun Island lies on the north of Harbin Songhua River. It covers a total area of 3.800 hectares of leisure resources. It is composed of a large island and some smaller ones in the Songhua River. Some favored activities include Yu Zhixue Art Gallery, Russian Royal Golden Theater and Russian Artists Village.

More than 30 types of trees, 2000 animals, and 100 birds inhabit the Sun Island. The beautiful landscape and agreeable climate make tourists linger on without intent to leave.

During the period of wintertime, when Sun Island is gracefully covered with white snow, it is used as a playground for various winter sports. Many interesting activities are available here such as skiing, hockey, ice-skating and sledding games. The ice and snow culture is enchanting. The Snow Carving Festival is held here every year. The graceful scene is merged into the diversified culture and arts. It adds humanistic beauty to the wonderful snow and ice covered Sun Island.