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Siberia Tigers Park

siberia-tiger Siberia Tigers Park is the world's biggest artificial propagation base for Siberian tigers.

siberia-tiger01Siberia Tigers Park was opened in 1996 on Sun Island in order to protect the endangered tiger and provide for further research. Its mission is to study, breed, release, and ultimately save the Manchurian tiger from extinction. Siberia Tigers Park is situated on the northern bank of the Song Hua River. It covers a total area of 1.4 million square meters.

Siberia Tigers Park is a large recreational district for tourists. It has 500 purebred Manchurian Tigers of different ages. The natural scenery of Siberia Tigers Park is fascinating and vigorous. Visitors can watch the robust Siberia tigers anywhere. The park also reserves lots of lions. They live peacefully with the tigers. Siberia Tigers Park is open for tourists daily. The tourist can enjoy 10 tourist attractions and hundreds of purebred Siberia Tigers. It takes about one and half hours for tourists to tour the whole park. In addition to the bus that takes people around the park with ease, there is a walking area and a tiger-watching platform. The visitor can meander through groups of tigers and appreciate adventurous and exciting scenes, with a special guide’s help.

The staff of Siberia Tigers Park breeds them in captivity. Eventually, the tigers will be released into their natural habitat.