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Center Street

center-street Center Street was established in 1898. It got this name in 1925. Center Street is the most prosperous business center in Harbin.

center-street01The Center Street has 71 buildings with construction in European style. It covers 13 building with the characteristics of Renaissance, Baroque, Eclecticism and modernization styles.

Those buildings contain the four-construction genre of western constructional culture history. After several changes by local government, it became the longest walking street in 1997.

Center Street is well known as the first street in Harbin. The length spans 1450 meters and the width is more than 21meters. Many famous tourist attractions spread in Center Street, such as the Old Street, Protection Street, Symbol Street, Business Street, Walking Street, Recreation Street, the Public Culture Street and Migration Street. There are various department stores, restaurants, grand ballrooms, movie theaters and bars. Visitors can appreciate these typical buildings and their romantic atmosphere in the evening. During the period of the Snow Carving Festival, there are many fascinating Ice Carvings standing on the both sides of the street. The tourist can enjoy the mystical, enchanting scenery of the snowy world. Center Street is a charming landscape covering relaxation, tourism, shopping and business in Harbin.