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Wuzhen Water Town

wuzhen-water-town Wuzhen Water Town lies in the north of Zhejiang Province by the west side of the Jinghang Grand Canal.

wuzhen-water-town01Being a place of strategic importance for both land and water transportation, Wu Zhen Water Town is at the juncture of two provinces (Zhejiang and Jiangsu), three prefectures (Jiaxing, Huzhou, and Suzhou), and seven counties (Wucheng, Gui'an, Chongde, Tongxiang, Xiushui, Wujiang, and Zhenze).

In the past, Wuzhen Water Town was divided into two towns, the west part was named Wu Town, belonging to Wucheng County of Huzhou Prefecture, and the east part was named Qing Town, belonging to Tongxiang County of Jiaxing Prefecture.

During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC), Wu Town was the boundary area of the Wu and Yue states. It was during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) that the name of "Wu Town" was officially accepted. After liberation, the two towns eventually merged and were renamed Wu Town, administered by Tongxiang County.

Wuzhen Water Town is not only famous for its beautiful rivers and lakes, but also for being the hometown of the famous writer Mao Dun.