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Hangzhou Attraction Guide

As saying goes, "In heaven there is paradise, on earth is Hangzhou." Likewise, it remains one of China's most popular tourist destinations.

wuzhen-water-town Wuzhen Water Town lies in the north of Zhejiang Province by the west side of the Jinghang Grand Canal.
longjing-tea-plantation Longjing actually means, "Dragon Well" and according to legend, the Dragon Well was discovered in about 230AD. This fresh spring water encouraged the people of Hangzhou to develop their own quality tea and thus, Longjing tea was born.

six-harmonies-pagoda The Six Harmonies Pagoda is 60 metres high and was built of wood and bricks to subduing the bore in 1970. An octagon supported by 24 pillars, the pagoda has 13 upturned eaves, which become progressively narrower toward the top.

lingyin-temple01 The name of Lingyin Temple or Soul's Retreat Temple comes naturally from its quiet surroundings. With deeply forested hills on three sides, the Lingyin temple is really a hideaway. It is the largest and most resplendent temple in Hangzhou.


Hangzhou's fame is largely due to the picturesque West Lake. Lying in the west of the city, and surrounded by hills on three sides, the West Lake is 3.2 kilometres from north to south and 2.8 kilometres from east to west with a cirumference of 15 kilometres.