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Xiguan Ancient Mansions

xiguan-mansions The so-called Xiguan refered, in the past, to the area in Liwan District ranging from Xicun in the north, to the Pearl River in the south, and from Renmin Road in the east to Xiaobei River in the west.

xiguan-mansions01The Xiguan also generally meant the area beyond the west city gate to Guangzhou in the Ming and Qing periods. Xiguan was divided into Upper Xiguan and Lower Xiguan, the former being on the higher terrain whereas the latter was on the lower terrain. Set up in the Ming Dynasty was Shibafu Road and the street of 13 Hong.

Residential streets such as Baohua, Pengyuan, and Duobao were established during the middle and later stages of the Qing Dynasty, thus such buildings, typical in Guangzhou, as Xiguan Dawu (grand mansions) and bamboo-shaped houses came into being.

The number of ancient grand mansions of Xiguan has dropped from over 800 in its prime, in the period between the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, to the present 100, of which only about 10 mansions are worth preservation, such as the one on No. 15, Shisanfuzheng Street.