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Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park

guangzhou-yuexiu-park01 The Yuexiu Park is the largest park in downtown Guangzhou. Covering an area of 860,000 square meters (212.5 acres), the park is made up of three artificial lakes and seven hills of Yuexiu Mountain; hence the name Yuexiu Park.

guangzhou-yuexiu-parkSituated at the Yuexie Hill in the northern part of Guangzhou, the Yue Xiu Park is the largest one in Guangzhou encompassing 92.8 hectares. Before 1949, it was a place of bleak hills for cemetery and a haunt for gangsters. After 1949, the people's government mobilized the local people to plant trees and afforest the hills, and built a stadium, swimming centre, an amusement centre, an art gallery, a flower exhibition, hall and other cultural and recreational grounds while protecting and renovation the original historical relics. Inside the park there are the" Dominating Sea Tower," "the Seaman's Pavilion," " Dr Sun Yat-sen's Monument," "the Five-Goat Statue" and other tourist attractions.

In addition, there are three artificial lakes in the park. The Dongxiu Lake has an exquisite setting, an excellent site for painting and scenery viewing. The Beixiu Lake consists of three smaller lakes spanned by stone arch-bridges with small islets built in the middle of the lake to contrast with the pavilions by the lakeside, thus making the whole picture all the more fascinating. Tourists can rent boats for rowing around and enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery. More than one million threes have been planted over the Yuexiu Hill including cypresses, pines, kapoks, magnolias and some other 600 varieties of trees. Also seen in the park are many nurseries for cultivating cassias, roses, peonies, and other flowers. The park also puts on chrysanthemum shows and flower exhibitions every spring and autumn.