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Guangzhou Pearl River

guangzhou-pearl-river Night Tour on Pearl River yacht, view and admire the beautiful shades of the Pearl River, visit Zhujiang Corridor,entrace to the source of the ancient myths and legends of the Pearl River, and look back on the millennia-old history and culture of Guangzhou.


The Pearl River is China's third longest river, and second largest by volume (after the Yangtze). Located in the south, it flows into the South China Sea between Hong Kong and Macau. Its lower reach forms the Pearl River Delta.

The Pearl River is named after a sandy or stony island in the middle of the river called "Sea Pearl". This island is now in the bank, due to the river's change of course.

The Pearl river, is about 177 km long, Formed in Guangzhou by the confluence of the Xi and Bei rivers, it flows east, then south, past Guangzhou and Huangpu island to form a large estuary between Hong Kong and Macao. The river links Guangzhou to Hong Kong and the South China Sea, is one of China's most important waterways, and is one of the centers of its world trade. It is vitally important to the special economic zones that lie along its estuary. The estuary, called Boca Tigris, is kept open for ocean vessels by dredging.