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Guangzhou Attraction Guide

Also known as Canton, is the communication hub as well as the largest trade port in South China. It is one of China's most prosperous cities.

guangzhou-yuexiu-park01 The Yuexiu Park is the largest park in downtown Guangzhou. Covering an area of 860,000 square meters (212.5 acres), the park is made up of three artificial lakes and seven hills of Yuexiu Mountain; hence the name Yuexiu Park.
guangzhou-pearl-river Night Tour on Pearl River yacht, view and admire the beautiful shades of the Pearl River, visit Zhujiang Corridor,entrace to the source of the ancient myths and legends of the Pearl River, and look back on the millennia-old history and culture of Guangzhou.
xiguan-mansions The so-called Xiguan refered, in the past, to the area in Liwan District ranging from Xicun in the north, to the Pearl River in the south, and from Renmin Road in the east to Xiaobei River in the west.
chen-clan-academy01 Located right near the Chenjiaci Subway Station, in the western part of the city, and with a floor space of 13,200 square metres in 19 buildings, the Chen Clan Academy is one of the famous historical sites typical of South China architecture.
six-banyan-tree-temple With a history of more than1,400 years, and noted for its stately pagoda, luxuriant trees and many Buddhist relics, the Six Banyan Temple is one of the famous historical sites in Guangzhou.
sun-yat-sen-hall Construction of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall started in January 1929 and it was completed in October 1931.