Saturday, May 08, 2021
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Dunhuang Crescent Lake

donghuang-crescent-lake01 About 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) south of Dunhuang city and surrounded by the Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Lake can be called a natural wonder in the Gobi Desert.

donghuang-crescent-lakeSome say it reminds them of the eye of a beautiful woman: lucid, beautiful and amorous. Some say it looks like the mysterious, gentle and seductive lips of a pretty woman, or a slice of lush, sweet and crystal cantaloupe. Actually, it resembles a crescent fallen down into this desert. Having been lying among these sand dunes for thousands of years, although given many surprise attacks by sandstorms, Crescent Spring still gurgles clear.

Research has discovered that, in this special crescent landform, the wind created this depression. As the cross-ventilated theory states, the falling sands from the surrounding mountains would be sent back to the other side of nearby Echoing-Sand Mountains. Thus, the sands do not smother the spring. This particular earth movement keeps the sand dunes and spring in an eternally harmonious and almost paradoxical existence.

Here you can enjoy not only the rare view where an oasis meets the desert, but also some fun sand adventures, such as riding camels and dune surfing. After climbing to the top of the dunes, one can't help but marvel at the dramatic view. You have discovered the wondrous sight of Crescent Spring!