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Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum

bai-musem The Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum is near the Erhai Dock, located in the east of Erhai South Road in Xiaguan Town of Dali City, Yunnan Province.

The Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum was built in 1986 and has a total area of about 8 acres. It is a garden museum with strong local ethnic minority characteristics. It combines ancient Dali architectural styles and Bai architectural styles. The museum is also the central institution where the government of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture conducts cultural relic research, excavations, collecting, exhibits and so on.

The imposing architecture of Dali Prefecture Museum, with hight roofs and yellow tiles, stands in Xiaguanp northeast sector near the approach to Erhai Park. The museum has become an important site not only for tourists but also historians, archaeologists and scholars of minority studies from around the world. The museum presents the culture, history, architecture and enthnic variety of Dali Prefecture. The building complex has a strong flavour of Bai ethnic group who live in compact community in the region. Dali was on the capital of Nanzhao Kingdom during the 8th and 9th centuries. Displays show many archaeological discoveries, photos, inscriptions and cultural objects, which present a picture of the ancient kingdom in various social aspects. Exhibition halls of the museum also display tools, fine pottery, bronze objects and a variety of culture relics from Neolithic Ago to the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.