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Tian'anmen Square

tiananmen-square2 Situated due south of Tian'anmen, the Tian'anmen Square has an area of 44 hectares (109 acres) that can accommodate as many as one million people for public gatherings.

tiananmen-square3The Tian'anmen Square has witnessed may historical events in China's modern history and is a place for celebrations on such festive days as international Labour Day on May 1st and national Day on October 1st. In 1919,the May 4th Movement broke out in Beijing .Students and residents staged a patriotic demonstration in the square. In1935, students in Beijing launched the December 9th Movement against the Japanese aggression and Chiang the Kai-shek's policy of non-resistance. They held a demonstration in the square.

tiananmen-square4Area of Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square is the largest downtown square in the world. It covers an area of 44 hectares, big enough to hold one million people. From the red wall of the Tian'anmen Rostrum in the north to the south gate, it measures some 880 meters, and from the Museum of Chinese Revolution and Chinese History in the east to the Great Hall of the People in the west, it is about 500 meters.

Name source
Tian'anmen square is named after its magnificent Tiananmen Rostrum (Gate of Heavenly Peace), which was the first gate of the Imperial City.

Tiananmen Square today
Now Tiananmen Square is one of the most famous and popular places in China. It is the place for celebrations on such festive days as International Labor Day on May 1 and National Day on October 1. Tian'anmen Square had completed its renovation to welcome the 50th anniversary of China in 1999