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Badaling Great Wall

badaling_great_wall Situated 11km away apart from Juyongguan Pass and 60km north of Beijing, Badaling Great Wall, which means, "giving access to every direction," is the most preserved section of the Great Wall in China.

badaling_great_wall2In 1987, Badaling Great Wall, the essence of the Great Wall, was listed as a World Cultural Heritage site by the UN. In recent years, this section of Great Wall was repaired and the Great Wall Museum, Badaling Great Wall Cableway, and other tourism facilities were built near the wall. So far, about 80 million visitors from all over the world, including 300 heads of state and other celebrities have visited there. The wall, as the witness of history, today serves as the friendship bridge between the Chinese people and people from other countries.

The Badaling Great Wall was Restored in 1957, which has an elevation of 600 meters. The wall averages 6.5 meters wide, 7.5 meters high, 4 meters thick on the base and 5.8 meters at the top. Stretching for 4,770m among the rolling mountains, Badaling section of Great Wall is dotted with 19 strategically located watchtowers, which were used to protect the capital against attack in ancient times, bringing Badaling the name of "key to the north gate."

badaling_great_wall3On the top of the wall is a road paved with square bricks, wide enough for six horses or ten soldiers to march side by side. On both sides of the road, outer parapet and inner parapet were set. The outer parapet is crenellated with merlons almost two meters high. The crenels were used as peepholes and the embrasure below each crenel was used as a loophole. The inner parapet, which is 1 meter high, was used to prevent the horses and gharries from overturning on the mountains.

Badaling Great Wall was considered as one of th top ten must-see attractions in Beijing, there is no reason to miss.